Wedding Registry 101 with Zankyou Weddings

In the run up to your wedding, creating a gift registry is one of the many things that you’ll need to think about. Perhaps you are so focused on the big day itself that you haven’t even considered the gifts, but all of your guests want to honor you with a little something to celebrate this huge milestone in your life. Traditional wedding registries are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the average couple getting married much later on in life, they have often already lived together and have no need for the typical wedding gifts that would simply end up gathering dust in a cupboard. What we all really want is the money to buy the things that we really want, right? Maybe you would like the cash to put towards a new house or perhaps to spend on the honeymoon of your dreams!

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So, when we discovered Online cash registries like Zankyou Weddings, we were pretty excited and had to share that with all you brides to be. So what is Zankyou Weddings? We hear you ask. Well here it basically allow guests to contribute to your gift registry online and allowing couples to receive the cash equivalent so that they can spend it on anything they want. Still not convinced? We asked the lovely team just 5 reasons why you should…

How will using a cash wedding registry benefit a couple’s friends and family?

Making an online gift registry allows your guests to send you gifts in seconds from the comfort of their own home. The days of going out to a department store and spending hours browsing through pots and pans are a long gone, so with an online registry, you can save your loved ones time and stress by allowing them to send you a gift that they know you’ll love in just a few clicks. Don’t worry if your guests are not computer savvy; Zankyou is super simple to use, but your guests are always welcome to give us a call and contribute by phone too. They will love using your personalised registry, which will not only be practical and easy, but also beautiful to look at! You can design it yourself and even add photos and even background music.

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How will using a cash wedding registry benefit the couple themselves?

Let’s be honest, most modern day couples really don’t need or want toasters, food processors and silverware and guests don’t want to waste their money on something that the couple will never use. By using an online gift registry, you receive the money instead of the actual gifts, meaning that you can spend it on absolutely anything you want. And we mean anything! Maybe you’d love a helping hand to save for your dream honeymoon and if you like, you can even divide the trip down into different stages (flights, hotel, dinner, experiences etc); this way your guests know exactly what they’ll be contributing towards. Perhaps you would like to donate your wedding gifts to charity? Or maybe you are planning to buy a top-of-the-range camera to capture all of your precious memories? Whatever your preferences, a cash registry is the most practical option.

Is it more polite to ask for physical wedding gifts rather than cash?

Requesting cash rather than physical gifts can be a delicate topic. Asking someone to bring cash to your wedding or sending them your bank details is not always a classy option and, quite frankly, can come across as being tacky and rude! But fear not, there is a much more tasteful way to handle the situation and that is to use an online registry. Your guests can contribute to your ‘Future House Fund’ or your ‘Honeymoon Fund’, or if you prefer you can still choose to put physical gifts on your list so that your guests feel like their contribution is going towards something specific and worthwhile. Your guests can access your registry and buy you any gift on there or contribute towards a larger gift. They can even leave you messages and you will always be informed of who has given you a gift so that you can thank them. As well as being tasteful, this is also much safer than guests bringing a wad of cash to your wedding!


How does a cash registry work for people with guests in different countries?

As a result of the increasing number of marriages between people of different nationalities, wedding guests nowadays come from all over the world. An online cash registry online will be the best option for your international guests, since they will be able to access it from any country in various languages and they won’t have to carry a gift with them when they are travelling. Zankyou also allows you to create your registry in several different currencies, so your guests can avoid any additional fees by choosing which currency they would like to pay in. Besides, with customer services available in 9 different languages, there is always a member of the Zankyou team available to lend you a hand to you or your guests!

Can guests change their mind about what they wish to spend the money on?

Yes! The flexibility that a cash registry offers is just another thing that makes it so great. There really are no restrictions and you never have to commit to buy a gift. Let’s say you originally asked for a new coffee table, but whilst on your honeymoon, you decide that you would prefer a romantic couple’s massage on the beach. No problem! Since you have received the cash equivalent of the gifts that you asked for, you are free to spend it on whatever you like. Your guests will be thrilled for you to use their contribution for something that really makes you happy.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why you should try a cash registry. We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be. But there are so many wonderful and new platforms to help us, relieving you to enjoy the road of becoming a Mrs.

CJ x