Tips For Wedding Planning Over Christmas

It’s that time of the year again. The stores are filled with snowmen decorations, Santa hats, reindeer ears and all sorts of things to get us into the celebratory mood. With Christmas just around the corner, what does that mean for our brides?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to skip out on this annual celebration even though your hands are already full planning your wedding. Christmas is a time where your social life is in full swing and you have less time for yourself to think. You want to make your wedding planning to be as less stressful as possible, so what are some things you should keep in mind this Christmas holiday?


Tip 1: Bridal Boutiques and Designers Have Holidays Too!

You might think that these holidays would be the perfect time to start searching for your dress. However, most bridal boutiques and designers will close for a few weeks during the Christmas period. If you’ve already ordered a dress from a certain place and you’re just waiting for it to be made, remember that they won’t be working on your dress during their holidays! There’s going to be increased production time, so keep that in mind during your wedding planning.


Tip 2: Best Not To Meet Bridal Vendors

Christmas is an extremely busy time where stores are full and places are always packed. I would advise against setting up meetings with bridal vendors a week leading to Christmas – even if they are free and give the okay. The traffic during these holidays are insane and venues are all booked up because of parties. The congestion won’t make your experience as smooth and easy as it should be, so booking with your bridal vendor a week before Christmas is probably not a good idea.


Tip 3: Managing Money

When you think Christmas, it is definitely a season of giving. Presents, outings and parties will definitely take a toll on your finances. You may think you have put enough aside for your wedding, but it is good to always prepare¬†for the unexpected. Track your expenses and keep your wedding in mind, especially during the Christmas period when everyone’s finances are always a bit tight.


Tip 4: Join The Party!

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